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What is My Planet First?

All started with Trump… when I decided to campaign against him in 2017 and many other polititians, who were sending the wrong message to the world and their followers, impacting with fatal decision for our environment. Since then I have done many beach cleanings, teaching children in schools, speaking up, meeting with scientist and biologist around
the world.

My little contribution is to inspire and educate about the importance of caring for our only home: our Beautiful Blue planet!

My Planet First is about creating a human chain of environmental awareness involving as much people as possible to campaign against polititians, demanding the protection of ecosystems and laws to avoid species disappearance and creating a more sustainable world for our future generations.

We fund little initiatives around the world, we work with ONGs, biologist, scientist and try to find solutions to the world environmental problems.

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Challenging Expeditions
We organise expeditions and awareness campaigns to increase visibility and raise funds for causes that support and empower abused women and women survivors of war around the world. As of today, we have successfully run nine physically demanding expeditions to remote and magestic locations including Siberia, Everest Base Camp and the Lut desert of Iran.
Charity Partners
We partner with existing, well-established non-profit institutions supporting women survivors of wars and those who have endured violence, abuse and discrimination. Our carefully selected charities all have well-run programmes and structures in place to empower girls and women to help them secure a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.
Fundraising events
We craft unique fundraising events in collaboration with renowned artists, extraordinary adventurers and inspirational world-class speakers. No two events are the same. We make it a point to take charity out of the ballroom and deliver a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
Talks and workshops
On the ground we set up motivational schooltalks, conferences, leadership & entrepreneurship training, gender equality awareness for climate change and workshops reaching the youngest generation for a move to ask our politicians on the urge for new laws to protect nature and to stop climate change.

Our Ambassador of Honour:

SAVING THE SALTPANS. The interview with the ornithologist Juan Martin Bermudez has been inspirational. How a single man is doing so much for conservation and species globally. His project in the National park of Cadiz is key for migratory birds around Europe, all kind of birds crossing down to Africa and stopping in Cadiz on their way down before winter arrives. Climate change is modifying the decisions birds are taking: when to cross, many stay behind, some never leave… as the season are less and less defined. A true problem!

My Planet First Global Ambassadors

My Planet first nurtures from the scientist exchange around the world, their contribution and knowledge helps us to find solutions to our environmental problems. Collective Inteligence is key to a better world and I want to thank our ambassadors of honour around
the world.

Erwin Neher

The Nobel Prize
in Medicine for 1991.

Richard Schrock

Nobel lauréate
for Chemistry in 2005.

Aaron Ciechanover

Nobel lauréate
for Chemistry in 2004

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