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I never liked visiting animals in the Zoo. Not even when I was a child. I love now when my children  enjoy the animal world in the wild. 

I was touched not only by the beauty of the landscapes but the magical sensation of touching wild horses and feel contented with Mother Nature. See my kids running between them with huge smiles in their faces. For sure is not the same sensation than visiting animals in a cage or small spaces with a sad or distant look.

Our 5/6 hours daily excursions were really worth it … We found the most amazing wild horses in the top of the cliffs in the Scottish Highlands. The sensation was absolutely energizing.

 I believe more and more modern cities are closing down their zoos to choose another educational option without having to show animals in concrete and artificial environment facilities. Digital media, videos, and animal replicas are many of these other options today.

Why don’t to create a movement to close down  zoos? It is cruel for animals. I m sure kids understand it more than adults. The most little ones don’t enjoy seeing them behind bars, because they just want to pet them, something you can’t really do in the zoo. 

Animals should be only in the wild. Our Educational system of showing animals in Zoos should evolve in a more friendly way for animals. The old Zoos are completely Obsolete! 

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