Asia refuses to be the world’s Garbage hole

| October 4, 2022 Leave your thoughts

Xi Jinping, the president of China, after viewing this tremendous and shocking video from a Youtuber showing the reality of their country has decided to stop all plastic imports from developed countries. Before 2018 most countries exported their waste, mainly plastics to China, where recycle was supposed to be cheaper. But as he said “China can’t be the world’s garbage hole where all countries just simply send their waste. We are all responsable for it! “

The recycling process is not regulated at all. Mostly garbage gets incinerated or just lost in the Oceans of Indonesia, Malaysia or Philippines. 

Bellow you can see the anual evolution of plastic (in tons) of the last 50 years. This is the tragic evolution of plastic in a world’s scale since plastic started to be part of our daily life… Now almost 11.3 millions tons are traveling in containers from one side of the world to another, without any kind of regulation. It was certainly a business for a few companies that freed the hustle of having to recycle and process all this tons of waste. But they just translated the problem to the other side of the world, where there is less resources and recycling culture.

We urge to regulate the traffic of plastic waste and assume that is a world concern, from developed to non developed countries. We must work in this together or soon our Oceans will drown in plastic.

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