Creation of native forests without maintenance, in every terrain and also in urban zones.

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We stimulate the reforestation process using the Miyawaki plantation method. Those forests grow very fast (till 1 metre per year), are 30 times denser and contain a biodiversity 100 times greater with respect to classic afforestation methods. Moreover, they provide a positive social impact. These mini-forests can be easily planted everywhere in any kind of soil, being founded on the selection of specific local seeds, e.g. on residential zones, criss-cross squares, school buildings, enterprise and factory yards, river bords or marine coasts. Take e look to the values and purpose of Boomforest.

Miyawaki method

Miyawaki observed the trees which traditionally grew around temples, shrines, and cemeteries in Japan were native species, relics of the primary forest and at the same time he calculated that only 0.06% of contemporary Japanese forests were indigenous forests. Contemporary forests, created according to forestry principles, are not in his view the most resilient nor the best suited vegetation for the geobioclimatic conditions in Japan, neither are they the most suited to address climate change. >> More on the Miyawaki method

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