S.O.S Save our Sea Horses

| October 28, 2022 Leave your thoughts

See horses have been always a true mystery for biologist because is the only specie where males are the ones getting pregnant! And Considered one of the most valuable animals in tradicional chinese medicine. 

The true story is that because of chinese tradicional medicine, only “China” sells more than 150 millions sea horses in their own market. The demand of the sea horses has been increasing exponentially in the last 5 years due to a higher economic level of their population. 

In the last five years 50 to 80% sea horses have been wiped out and they will probably disappear in the coming decade if we dont stop and educate the next

“YOUNG generation of Chinese People”.  Sea Horses are hunted to extinction by man! 

A solution would be Sea horse farming, but this technique is not working in China because is extremely difficult to make horse farming to prosper.

To stop chinese consumption is impossible! The medical use has been a chinese tradition in the last 4000 years. Sea Horses are used mainly in pills in a powder format almost like a “magic pill” and the demand of the medicine market has only increased in the last ten years. 

The Biologist Kealan Doyle has found a possible solution by exporting the technique of farming to avoid hunting, hoping pregnant males(constantly hunted) could survive in nature. Another option is to supply to the chinese market directly from the Sea Horses farm in Europe.

I will strongly recommend to donate to this cause: S.O.S Save our sea horses! 

Thank you to the amazing work of this Sea Horse Trust and dedication for conservationism!

Christine Hart

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