Educating our Children to Stop Animal Abuse

I have recently visited Egypt with my children, wanted to share my passion with them for the Egyptian Culture, but waited to do it at the right timing and age. We encounter an ugly relationship with animals there…

Animals were at the heart of everyday life and religion in Ancient Egypt. People believed many creatures were sacred. They thought animals were the embodiment of particular gods. Most Ancient Egyptian towns chose a particular god to worship. This meant the animal attached to that god was sacred. These animals were given both power and respect. Most of the Ancient Egyptian gods were represented by a mixture of human and animal form. Often, this was an animal head on a human body.

But how is this relationship with animals 5000 years after?

I was very astonished by seeing dogs dead in the ditch, horses and dunkies abused, practicaly in their skin and bones or close to starvation even they are the main sourse of ecomonic entry for their owners.

In our cart excursion near Cairo our horse collapsed into the floor, but the owner wipped and wipped the horse till he came back in his four legs. It was shocking how the poor horse was treated! A leason for my kids how much we still have to do in this planet to educate cultures and people. My kids spend the rest of the trip giving water to every single animal they saw in the streets…

I just want to share a video of another excursion with my kids in Aswan we did at night time, when streets were busy and you could melt into their lifestyles. I have been passioned by Egyptian culture all my life… but sadly it brought tears into my eyes and many more into the ones of my kids to see how the relation between men and animals had evolved in 5000 years… The poor dunky was bleeding and suffering terribly bending his legs every two meters, as he couldnt take the weight he was carring… This is just a litte example how such an amazing culture as the Egyptian has evolved from pure Love and respect to a misserable misstreat to animals.

I think we urge to Educate our children to respect and make a diference for the coming generations. Muslims, christians, jews… what ever culture we were born in, we should have a complete respect and care for the animal world. “They are part of this planet and share the same rights to live worthily.”

Hope this video inspires some compasion to make a change in future attitudes towards animals. It is simply heart breaking to see them sufering!

By Christine Hart

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