Environmental tragedy

| June 17, 2022 Leave your thoughts

The journey of ALBATROSS began in 2008 with the activist/photographer Chris Jordan. Studying the newly-emerging issue of ocean plastic pollution, learning a stunning environmental tragedy taking place on a tiny atoll in the center of the vast North Pacific Ocean.

The expedition photographed and filmed thousands of young albatrosses that lay dead on the ground with their stomachs filled with plastic.

The experience was devastating, not only for what it meant for the suffering of the birds, but also for what it reflected back to us about the destructive power of our culture of mass consumption, and humanity’s damaged relationship with the living world.  

This tragedy was filmed in Midway Atoll, a 2.4-square-mile atoll in the North Pacific Ocean at 28°12′N 177°21′W. Midway is roughly equidistant between North America and Asia, in the middle of nowhere. But still, our Shit gets also there! 

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