The Seahorse Trust

| November 15, 2022

“Set up in 2000, the Trust is a conservation not-for.
profit charity. The Seahorse Trust (registered number ) carries on the work of Neil Garrick-Maidment, its founder, who has worked with seahorses for over 47 years. He has observed the life cycle of 22 species of seahorse. He advises governments, individuals and projects on seahorse conservation all around the world. The ethos of the Trust is to work in partnership with nature. They do this by working in partnership with people like Kealan and others such as the SEALIFE group of aquariums, Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) Save Our Seahorses in Malaysia and many others around the world. Only by working together can we all make a difference. Time is running out and unless we do something about it now it will be toolate.

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