Oceans needs Kindness not plastics

| June 20, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Living in Asia and traveling through Indonesia for the past few years has struck me back, I couldn’t believe the huge amount of plastics everywhere in all the beaches. I was shocked! I decided with my family to do something. We started to organice beach cleaning with the schoolars and contacted some of the best initiatives in Asia to inspire, educate and donate for their environmental cause. Hoping this would reach the new generations in Asia, awakening their environmental awareness and the importance of keeping all our Oceans healthy and clean.

One of the iniciatives I liked better was  the One in Bali, 4Ocean. I  personally visited them to learn in person all about their project and process. I was very much impressed in how much they have done in so little time. I m happy to share the 4 Ocean link, please help and donate directly. All together we can make a difference… My kids have donated already from their own money pocket and I m very proud!

Visit the 4 Ocean website & feel free to DONATE directly.

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