World War lll has started, our enemy is “pollution and climate change”, is time for solutions.

Here is part of my speech for RAED Foundation, giving some solutions to fight against our common enemy…

The atmosphere has currently 3000 billions tons of CO2 , it sounds a lot but is is only it is only 0,041%  of the atmosphere, before the industrial era this percentage was 0,028%. That means that the excess mass of CO2 is probably around 750 billions tons. 

I read that the average french forest has 165M3 of standing wood per hectare. So if you add the dead wood, the soil, etc… maybe you can imagine that one hectare is offsetting 200T of CO2(1M3 of wood stores approx 1 ton of CO2) The good news is, “there is this MIYAWAKI method”, proven by 30 years of research and experience, that creates forests from bare land growing 20 times faster, storing 30 times more Co2 than our usual forests.
That would be 6000T of CO2 stored in one hectare of a Miyawaki forest
6000T / hectare = 600.000T / KM2
So it means that you can offset the excess CO2 of the atmosphere by planting 750 Biillions/600.000 = 1,25 Millions KM2 = 2 times FRANCE.

It means if you cover twice the size of France with Miyawaki forests, you have solved the problem of climate change. It is not that much, if the whole world is starting to work on it tomorow, it could be done in 30/40 years (trees grow slowly)

World WAR III Fire has destroyed 80.000 km2 in Australia. That’s the equivalent of quite a few carpet bombing mission of an evil nation AIR FORCE. Lets not irritate anybody, so lets imagine it’s FRANCE , launching its great and beautiful RAFALE jets form the Charles de Gaulle carrier to attack Australia. Imagine Mr macron saying: “you don´t eat enough french cheese”, so I will anihilate 80.000 km2 of your country… What would be the reaction ? Millions of Australians would proudly raise their chests, and join the army. The chinese would most probably come to the rescue, sending millions of yuans and soldiers to defeat the evil french man. Emmanuel will have to cross the berezina another time, and the forest of Australia would remain untouched.

This is not what happened last summer. 80.000km2 was destroyed by fire, while australians were watching Nadal and Federer in the Australian OPEN. Do you know how many courageous and brave firemen fought the fires ? Only 70.000! On a population of 25 Millions, that´s 0,28% . To my common sense , “that’s no one”. the Australians are great people, I love them, but if you look at it coldly, they didnt do anything. Like most of us. What are we doing ? Sitting here is this conference, taking planes to go to another one ?
And we blame our governements ? While we are told that our kids will suffer so much from climate change ?
Well, lets act now, lets launch world war three, because climate change and pollution is the enemy. Lets ask each and every citizen to join the army one or two weeks a year, or more for volontary work and lets plant together 750 Billions trees. This is not science fiction. Who would seriously refuse to join the army and defeat the greatest enemy we have ever seen? Which army ever destroyed 80.000KM2 of enemy territory in one month?

Lets launch world war III, and defeat climate change, unemployment and pollution“.

By Christine Hart

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